Through my physical and spiritual journey of breast cancer, my book, Blanket of Hope Through Faith & Fitness, was written not only for breast cancer survivors, but for their family and friends, as well. From diagnosis to surgery, treatment, and recovery, this book brings insight into the new world of the breast cancer survivor.

Faith: This book is Christian based and gives the reader hope by sharing my uplifting, true stories and by the sprinkling of scripture passages throughout the book. At the end of each chapter, the reader will be blessed with a prayer for their comfort, growth, and healing. Each chapter also highlights a lesson I’ve learned that has helped make my journey on the road to recovery a purposeful one.

Fitness: Tips for making decisions with respect to cancer management and treatment; easy exercises; stretches; and lymphedema management, are provided to assist the breast cancer survivor as she tries to regain control over her life. Detailed descriptions of the exercises, as well as, photographs of the exercises, are included to aid in the recovery process.

My hope is that the survivor will feel empowered that she has the inner strength to fight the tough fight. In addition, my prayer is that while reading Blanket of Hope Through Faith & Fitness, the reader will learn to trust God and develop a relationship with Him. After all, blessings can come in all shapes and sizes…even three centimeters!

Yours in faith & fitness,